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This is Karting


Duke Classics - Single Seaters


An in-depth presentation of a fast-growing sport enjoyed by millions world-wide. 'This is Karting' looks at all aspects of the sport in which both Mansell and Senna founded their careers. Find out how to get started in the Cadet Class, enjoy the driver's eye-view of a race with Johnny Herbert, see what it's like to drive one of the new indoor karting tracks, learn preparation and driving tips from top experts, visit club and national events and pay a visit to the Peel Kart GP in the Isle of Man where, via our on-board camera, you race around the houses at up to 130 mph! Plus you can see new F1 star Jenson Button as a lad cutting his teeth in karts.

Channel:Duke Classic Videos
About this program:Duke Classics - Single Seaters
Episode title:This is Karting
Episode number:7
Run time:1:01:49

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